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U-value calculator

 Accurate U-value calculations for wall, roof and floor structures are a compulsory part of both today's building regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Having been unable to find an easy to use, low cost U-value calculating program that complies with BS EN ISO 6946 we decided to write our own in spreadsheet format.

Link to easyU Instructions and Screenshots 

easyU is capable of calculating accurate U-values (in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946) for structures made up of up to ten separate material layers including layers that are thermally bridged.

Simply select each material from a customisable list of fifty commonly used materials and enter each layer thickness, easyU will calculate the resulting thermal resistance and U-value.

(easyU will also calculate compensation for thermally bridged layers, air layers, roof spaces and corrections for air gaps and mechanical fixings)

There is a report page that presents the data and the U-value result for printing out.


 Download a sample easyU Printable Report PDF file.

Download Report PDF file



Please try this free demo version for evaluation

 Link to Free easyU Demo Page

veiw easyU instructions and screenshots


 The full version of easyU can be purchased for download below

 easyU is an Excel spreadsheet file with multiple worksheets

Open with MS Excel or compatible spreadsheet program

(various free spreadsheet programs are available for download on the internet)

 Price: 10

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